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The Giving Back.

We are proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet alliance, which means we donate 1% of the sales value of every single watch towards helping environmental causes.

Being part of this global organisation means our impact goes further towards preserving our Earth for future generations. Projects vary from direct, hands-on environmental improvement, to educational initiatives to help future generations. To learn more about the alliance just click their logo on this page.

If you know a project we should support get in contact with us below.

The Box.

We took the unconventional choice to create as much of our watch packaging as possible entirely from cardboard, recycled where possible. We don't believe we've compromised how great it looks and as far as we're aware it's a world first! We hope we're trend setters and others follow suit.

We have made the watch box durable and beautiful and we encourage all of you to upcycle these into something special. If that doesn't appeal to you, please continue to help us support the environment and recycle all your packaging once you have received your watch.

The Silicone Strap.

Although we are looking at innovative solutions to incorporate post consumer materials into our straps, currently the only option we have to produce such vibrant, durable colours is the use of Silicone. Silicone is great for watch straps as it is lightweight, waterproof, anti-slip and non-scratch, as well as being soft and supple making it a joy to wear. However all these properties mean that Silicone is very stable and doesn't decompose, ever!

Because of this we offer a Silicone recycling programme where you can send your watch straps back to us and we will repurpose them into solar panels, where these highly durable qualities are useful for insulation and coating to help withstand extremes of temperature and weather.

The Circularity Goal.

We didn't want our watch dials to be left out of the equation, that's why we will also take these back once they have finished their useful life with you. There are any number of options available for the metal components within the watch, they may become new watches, jewellery, art or something much more farfetched! We will always ensure they are put to good use as fundamentally we believe in moving towards the creation of a circular economy.

Given we get joy from creating new products, we appreciate we must also be able to provide a solution for them when they reach the end of their life.

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