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Claire Cherry Founder Ksana Watches
The Person.

Hi, I'm Claire the founder of Ksana. I'm so happy you're here looking to be part of our journey!

When my own search for a well-designed, neon coloured watch failed to deliver any results, it led me to design and create my own. And thus Ksana was born. Timeless yet fun. Outside the realms of "normal". Bold design will always remain at the heart of Ksana.

I hope you get as much joy from your Ksana watch as I have had in creating them.

The Name.

The name Ksana is derived from the Buddhist perception of time. Buddhist belief tells how a ksana is an imperceptibly small amount of time, in which all kinds of things happen that elude our conscious awareness.

For us, Ksana embodies the desire to have fun without continued stimulation from the "always on", technologically-connected world in which we live.

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